Krakow Diaries Pt.1: No One Smiles But at Least Beer Is Cheap

A few weeks ago, I asked on my Instagram stories (because those polls give me life) whether anyone would be interested in reading about living abroad as an expatriate in a more personal, diary-like style, and the majority of the people who answered said ‘yes’. (Wise choice – I would have probably sprung this series on you anyway.) This will be an approximately bi-monthly or monthly installment, depending how much time I can justify to put in writing posts instead of hoping that my thesis will write itself if I just keep opening up the Word documents diligently each day. (So far, no such luck.)

For now, gather around children, for these are my stories from Krakow, Poland.

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If I Stayed – The Solo Girl Anthem

I need to confess something. I am in love.

Not with a person or an idea of one; but with the road that lies at my feet. It whispers sweet secrets into my ears, keeping my eyes open at night, making my bones ache for another ground to lie on. Promises of grand adventures seduce me, and I leave the bed I have made with my lover. The road calls me, and I must go.

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2 Days in Belgium: A Journey through My Lens

The best part about travelling Europe is the opportunity to do mini-holidays. Everything is so close by! Well, relatively. But let’s have this discussion again once you’ve taken a 24-hour-sleeper train from Jaisalmer to Varanasi.

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to visit a travel friend in Amsterdam, and as I was snooping around the map, I relised Belgium isn’t too far away. And one of my firends just happened to be doing a student exchange in Ghent! So, I hopped on a Flixbus and dashed over the border to the land of thrice-fried fries, sugar-topped waffles and luxury chocolate. And BEER. Let’s not forget the beer. (Because my hangover head sure won’t.)

I managed to spend one day in Ghent and another one in Bruges. Since most of my activities were focused around eating waffles and trying not to get my feet wet, I would’ve felt like a cheat writing a guide, so instead you get a photodiary. Fun! And there’s a video at the end of the post. Double fun!

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How to Be Brave

What did you think of when the year changed?

Did you think of the weight you wanted to lose? Did you think of the girl you wanted to kiss? Did you think of something you always wanted to do but never dared to?

Did you think of someplace else?

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