Llamas and Lost Words – 5 Stories from South America

I have tons of pictures of llamas and alpacas. Like, TONS. (If you’ve been around my Instagram, you’ve surely noticed.) I feel kinda bad that I keep bombarding my poor social channels with all these pictures of fluffy, mean animals, so, in a desperate attempt to overcome my obsession for llamas, I decided to put my best pictures in one huge, llamatastic post. And of course it wouldn’t be me if they weren’t accompanied by little stories (mostly unrelated to llamas – it’s ok, you can chill now).

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Strays of Greece

Today’s the last day of my Greece trip and I’ve fallen in love with curvy mountain roads (that the Smartcar we rented can barely tackle), unexpected scenery and jovial old restaurant owners that bring out a free dessert after dinner. I have so much more to write about Greece and I will soon enough, but for now I will just do what I enjoy doing the most: post pictures of cats. And some nice doggies, as well. more “Strays of Greece”

Why you probably shouldn’t ride an elephant

Are the people on my Facebook feed just really aware of the world or is elephants suffering in the tourist industry really huge news at the moment? I can’t say, but I’ve ran into several articles lately telling why you shouldn’t go for an elephant ride. Among the articles I read were the one about the Scot being gored to death and the one about the death of a captive elephant.
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