Religion Is Not Your Fashion

This might ruffle some feathers. Oh well, it’s not like I have tried to avoid other topics in the past that some  might deem inappropriate for travel blogs. My intention has never been to just push out nice pictures of some place you’ll likely never visit; from the get-go, this blog has been a platform for more than that, for stories and reflections on anything that touches on the subject of travel and (foreign) culture. more “Religion Is Not Your Fashion”

Myanmar in pictures

I haven’t done this kind of posts before. I once tried to – with my post about the strays in Greece – but I started to do research and got carried away. However, I thought making a post entirely consisting of photos would be a nice way to display some of my favourite shots from my trips (I admit that I have sometimes written a post to fit a picture solely because I really wanted to publish it…). I’ve decided to stop posting travel pictures on Facebook like I used to – in a huge batch right after the trip, unedited and all. I started to feel like over time – especially when I travel a lot – it could become annoying to my friends, and besides, it’s all pretty unorganised since I just dump it all in one folder. (And I know you want to see my pictures somewhere, mum.) Besides, I’m really trying to up my photography game, so maybe this would be a nice way of tracking my progress. more “Myanmar in pictures”

Beyond beers & beaches: the best South East Asian experiences

Disclaimer: I say South East Asia… but actually I’ve only been to Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam, so the list isn’t incredibly comprehensive. Enjoy, anyway.

South East Asia has long been one of the top destinations for backpackers around the world. The region has many qualities to explain its fame: the prices are cheap, the weather is good, and it’s exotic without being dangerous. While you could spend days just wandering around old colonial cities and partying the nights away, there are a few special experiences that can add something special to your trip. more “Beyond beers & beaches: the best South East Asian experiences”

On injuries and immortality: dangers of travelling

After two months in Southeast Asia, I have come back home and in all it’s familiarity, it is strange. I still ride the same bus, but the number on it has changed. I sleep in the same bed but it’s been moved into my friend’s apartment where I’m living this autumn. After two days, I am still pretty jetlagged and coming down with a cold. Still, I realised I hadn’t updated for a while (and I guess being busy watching the new season of Bojack Horseman doesn’t count as a very good excuse), here’s something I wrote last week but didn’t get around posting until now. (Oh, and hey – I’ve got loads of stories, pictures and ideas from my trip that I will be posting about in the upcoming months, but if you have any questions about the trip or posts that you’d like to read, let me know in the comments!) more “On injuries and immortality: dangers of travelling”