Sunday postcard from… Australia

As you step out into the departures hall at the Sydney Airport, you are greeted by banners hanging from the ceiling, and they say: Welcome home. It was the furthest I could go without shooting up into the space – thousands of miles and hundreds of euros worth of a plane ticket between this home and that. more “Sunday postcard from… Australia”

That time I lost my passport to Gangnam Style

If you’ve ever backpacked in Australia, you know that party hostels are abundant and the party only stops for roadtrips and beach activities. I once woke up behind an Irish flag that wasn’t mine to my dorm mate looking for her shoes because the boys had hidden all of the footwear in the dorm the night before while playing ‘floor is lava’, high on the power hour of goon that I didn’t stand a chance of finishing. more “That time I lost my passport to Gangnam Style”

Signs you might be an Australian born in the wrong country

Happy Australia Day!

I swear, for years I have jokingly been telling my friends that I was definitely born in the wrong country. After I visited Italy, I said I must’ve been an Italian in my previous life. However, all signs are pointing towards a nation further away… So I put together a little list of things that definitely show that I should be an Australian, and how you might be one, too.
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