All the mistakes I made when I first went travelling

Guys! I’m back from India for near to two weeks now, and every time someone asks me how was it, I give them the (very polite) eye and say that it’s a long story, but actually, it is. I have so many stories left to tell and a few ideas what to post about, and hold on, they are coming – but first I wanted to write this one. Number one reason probably is that I still miss Australia. I have come to terms with the fact that as it was the first big trip I ever made – and completely solo, too! – it will always be there to haunt me with sentences like “that time I was in the Oz..” slipping out of my mouth in situations where people are probably sick of my stories from the road already. But to me Australia is like a first love, and a girl never forgets her first love.

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Hostel nightmares

Hostels are a blast and I’m never going back to hotels. Especially that weird one that looked like a huge industrial hall and whose rooms were so austere there was literally nothing there but a bed, a closet and a plant. (And the closet was more nicely decorated than the room itself – it even had wallpaper!) I’m looking at you, Helsinki.

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