Iguazu Falls: The Ordeal

I was not expecting the grey skies. What happened to the picture-perfect views of every photo I ever saw of the place? Had I really come all this way just to bask in this bland greyness? Oh, how you deceived me, weather forecast!

Maybe it would get better. I, the eternal optimist, donned on a flimsy disposable rain coat and wrapped my beloved Olympus Pen mirrorless in a plastic bag. It wasn’t raining yet – and I was praying to all kinds of weather gods it wouldn’t start, either – but I had read that the humidity at the falls is so great that all electronics should be protected carefully. more “Iguazu Falls: The Ordeal”

To the Man Who Grabbed My Hair

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful place during the Carnaval. Foreigners and locals alike come together in loud, colourful street parties, blocos, partying alongside the drummers and more talented dancers until the last of them have disappeared and it’s time to crowd the night clubs and dance the night away. Spontaneous small talk between strangers sprouts out of nowhere; two shirtless guys, both wearing a unicorn horn, high five and continue on their way; the crowd cheers and whistles at a boy and a girl passionately making out in the middle of the parade; the city puts its best foot forward for a weekend of carefree partying and fun in the sun.

But there is another side to it. more “To the Man Who Grabbed My Hair”

Carnaval in Rio: 3 + 1 Best Ways to Celebrate

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word ‘Brazil’? The amazing nature, the Amazon, the beaches… and the Carnaval? It’s a spectacle that’s well known around the world, occupying a line of every traveller’s bucket list and dominating the plot of a multitude of non-Brazilian films about Brazil. Even The Simpsons did it! Even though the main event is over for the year, the Sambódromo tickets for 2018 are already up for grabs, and it’s never too early to start planning when it comes down to Carnaval in Rio. more “Carnaval in Rio: 3 + 1 Best Ways to Celebrate”

30 Pictures from 3 Weeks in Brazil

My first three weeks in Brazil were weird. You know why? Because I travelled in a way that isn’t necessarily familiar to me. I was social and toured with others. I partied very little. I barely took out my camera.

And even though I look back at how few pictures I took and feel a little bit sad about it – because after all, I love taking pictures, it brings me joy, and I love looking at them later – it was truly an incredible time to just go with the flow and enjoy the moment. Guys, guys, I know, it’s cliched – I sorta hate myself for saying something as sappy as that, too. more “30 Pictures from 3 Weeks in Brazil”