31 Cool, Colourful Pics from Rauma, Finland

What if I told you that the largest wooden old town in the Nordics could be found right here in Finland? Could I entice you with promises of old-fashioned architecture, colourful facades and dreamy cobblestone streets? Do I have your attention? This is Old Rauma, a UNESCO world heritage listed wooden town on the west coast of Finland that can make you feel like you’ve just walked into someone’s Instagram picture.

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Sunday Postcard from… Lagos, Portugal

For the first time in months I can remove my jacket.

The touch of the sun is gentle and loving, like that of a lover’s. It is just a show she puts up for me since in a few short weeks she will be back to her old self, biting my pale Finnish skin hard, smugly leaving her marks all over. But not today. Today is the first day that I feel sunshine in months, and she lets me have this one. more “Sunday Postcard from… Lagos, Portugal”

The 3 Mistakes I Made Visiting Sintra, Portugal

How’s it going? I’m currently hailing from Paraty, two weeks into my travel/exchange life in Brazil, and even though I’m profusely mosquito-bitten, sunburnt and tired, I am happy. It’s a strange feeling, being this happy – while I’m usually not downright miserable anywhere else either, here I find myself to be a lot more relaxed and carefree. It’s truly the backpacking spirit that has taken over me again; it’s a feeling I’ve missed, and one that I’ve welcomed back with an open mind.

I’ll get back to my usual posting schedule when my life settles down a bit after I get to my temporary homebase in Novo Hamburgo and I hope to have loads more content to show you guys. Is there anything special you’d like to read about?

Right now, though, let’s get back to the first pit stop of my trip and to the wonderful world of Sintra. more “The 3 Mistakes I Made Visiting Sintra, Portugal”

70 Pictures to Make you Fall in Love with Portugal

Let me start by saying that Portugal is awesome! Old cities with streets covered in slippery cobblestones, painstakingly steep hills sneaking up to palaces and castles, the bluest January sea… I thought that in two weeks I would have enough time to go through all of Portugal, and even though I have been able to cover most of the highlights, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface and I’m left wanting more. more “70 Pictures to Make you Fall in Love with Portugal”

Edinburgh photo roll

When I think of Scotland, the usual suspects spring to mind first: bagpipes and haggis, highlands, a charming but at times incomprehensible accent. And wouldn’t you know it – Edinburgh has all of those! On one side, it’s a city devoted to tourism; the Royal Mile has no shortage of souvenir shops offering kilts and plushie Nessies, overpriced whisky shops and chippies advertising fried Mars bars on their windows. On the other hand it’s an old, impressive city where houses are build of sandstone and shopfronts painted in bright colours, and where writers like J. K. Rowling and Arthur Conan Doyle found inspiration. more “Edinburgh photo roll”