How to Visit Zalipie, Poland

Zalipie is a small country town in Southern Poland, located approximately 70 kilometres from the backpacker party hub Krakow. Despite its picturesque photo value and relative closeness to one of the biggest touristic cities in Poland, it can be a little hard to find information online. That’s why I’ve put together this small guide for anyone who is considering visiting.

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The Importance of Being Idle

I went to Budapest some time ago. It was my fourth trip in as many consecutive weekends – weekends that should have been spent on my thesis instead of traipsing around Europe, or, according to my Erasmus friends, spent in house parties playing drinking games in Spanish. On the 7-hour bus ride I napped and bookmarked places I wanted to see in the city, planning for another action-packed weekend full of re-discovering places I had visited seven years earlier with my family.

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