What to wear in Finland to survive all four seasons

I have had this post in the drafts folder for months now. But it’s been a awhile since the last What to wear post – besides, what would the Finnish Independence Day be without a proper Finland post? (You should also check out the truths&myths post that I wrote about Finland last year). And guess what – my humble little country has also been featured on Lonely Planet’s famous 2017 travel list! more “What to wear in Finland to survive all four seasons”

Sunday postcard from… Dorset, the UK

Hi friend

It was the first night of many. People said we were crazy camping out in October, and while I was trying to offer a freezing, helping hand to Ben who was putting up our tent, I thought that maybe they had been right. Just ten minutes earlier we had been cruising down the heart-wrenchingly narrow English country roads, our headlights shoving the night away from our way, the arrow on the GPS soundlessly inching towards our destination. The car screamed every time Ben put his foot down on the accelerator. With an impatient smack of his tongue he scolded the car and promised that it would only need to last for the week and until my tattoo appointment. more “Sunday postcard from… Dorset, the UK”

Brexit – what’s happening?

If you’re European or just follow the news, you’ve definitely heard of Britain’s upcoming referendum on whether to stay in the European Union. With only four days to go, I thought I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write something about it. Since it’s pretty likely that I – as a current EU citizen – could be living in the UK in the future with my British boyfriend, I feel like the outcome of the referendum could have a personal effect on me, let alone the whole Europe. more “Brexit – what’s happening?”