31 Cool, Colourful Pics from Rauma, Finland

What if I told you that the largest wooden old town in the Nordics could be found right here in Finland? Could I entice you with promises of old-fashioned architecture, colourful facades and dreamy cobblestone streets? Do I have your attention? This is Old Rauma, a UNESCO world heritage listed wooden town on the west coast of Finland that can make you feel like you’ve just walked into someone’s Instagram picture.

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What to wear in Finland to survive all four seasons

I have had this post in the drafts folder for months now. But it’s been a awhile since the last What to wear post – besides, what would the Finnish Independence Day be without a proper Finland post? (You should also check out the truths&myths post that I wrote about Finland last year). And guess what – my humble little country has also been featured on Lonely Planet’s famous 2017 travel list! more “What to wear in Finland to survive all four seasons”

What it’s like being a Finn abroad

As ya’ll know by now, I was born and still live and study in Finland. It’s a country of natural beauty, social security, and personal freedom – all in all a pretty great place to live. When I travel and inevitably encounter that obligatory question of “where ya folks from”, I am proud to say I’m Finnish. Even though I am not terribly patriotic and might occasionally berate my dear homeland for being boring and bland, being from Finland is an important part of my identity and I wouldn’t have it any other way. more “What it’s like being a Finn abroad”

5 Good Reasons to Visit Åland Islands Right Now

As a destination, Åland Islands are seriously underrated. Most backpackers who visit Finland will only find their way to the country’s capital or to the mystic Lapland, making Åland Islands an off-the-beaten-path gem for the Nordic explorer. To many, the name Åland may sound unfamiliar, while the historically minded might recall Åland as the only success League of Nations ever had, efficiently preventing war between Sweden and Finland and legally attaching the archipelago to Finland. To be honest, I was a little bit reluctant to visit Åland. In my mind I was already battling for breathing space between school groups and families with children while being stuck on a rock with nothing to do but swim. And I hate swimming. more “5 Good Reasons to Visit Åland Islands Right Now”

Sunday postcard from… Tampere, Finland

Hello friend,

I found something I wrote months ago, and maybe I should have shown it to you then. 

In my parents’ house I chose my room at the age of six when we moved in. As if I could remember, but they told me that the moment we were over the threshold I walked into that room and declared it mine. And did I go to lengths to make it my own little kingdom. 

Little did I know that years later I would not feel at home anywhere unless I knew I was going to travel off the next day.

What I loved the most was the view from my window. The birches outside leaned their sleek bodies towards each other and let their branches fall into shapes that my fantasy running 500 miles an hour would imagine into animals. I used to love the autumn. That’s when the thick blanket of green leaves would fall off and uncover all of those skeletal characters. The bird, the whale, the dolphin, the rude parrot. The lone street light shone through the branches and into my room and in the darkness of winter, I was not scared and I was not alone.

The view behind my window has changed. It is no longer  restricted by a ceiling of naked branches but opens up to the yard below. It is the view from the place I have hesitantly come to call a home. Now I gaze at the sunsets from the third floor up as I finish up an essay or a translation or an irrelevant assignment, and yearn to go to places I can almost see from up here. One day I noticed that planes fly over my house on their way to wherever.
What a timing. I had already almost felt satisfied to stay.


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