31 Cool, Colourful Pics from Rauma, Finland

What if I told you that the largest wooden old town in the Nordics could be found right here in Finland? Could I entice you with promises of old-fashioned architecture, colourful facades and dreamy cobblestone streets? Do I have your attention? This is Old Rauma, a UNESCO world heritage listed wooden town on the west coast of Finland that can make you feel like you’ve just walked into someone’s Instagram picture.

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What to wear in Finland to survive all four seasons

I have had this post in the drafts folder for months now. But it’s been a awhile since the last What to wear post – besides, what would the Finnish Independence Day be without a proper Finland post? (You should also check out the truths&myths post that I wrote about Finland last year). And guess what – my humble little country has also been featured on Lonely Planet’s famous 2017 travel list! more “What to wear in Finland to survive all four seasons”

What it’s like being a Finn abroad

As ya’ll know by now, I was born and still live and study in Finland. It’s a country of natural beauty, social security, and personal freedom – all in all a pretty great place to live. When I travel and inevitably encounter that obligatory question of “where ya folks from”, I am proud to say I’m Finnish. Even though I am not terribly patriotic and might occasionally berate my dear homeland for being boring and bland, being from Finland is an important part of my identity and I wouldn’t have it any other way. more “What it’s like being a Finn abroad”