Truths&myths about Finland

Guys! Guess what! My tough little home country celebrates its independence day today, so in celebration for Finland’s 98th birthday I wanted to write a bit about what makes it such a cool country. I did a similar truths&myths post about India a few months ago and it was fun, so I figured Finland surely deserves its own.

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How to see all sides of Finland in two days

The original plan was to take five days to drive to the Arctic Sea and back, but my lovely travel companion and best friend Katri had to work for most of the week so suddenly we were down to two days. A smarter girl might’ve called it fair game and decided to turn the ambitious roadtrip plans into a shopping spree in a city an hour away, but because we both are more ambitious than smart, we chose to just slightly adjust the plan. Epic (and probably uncomfortable and very, very wet) camping trip to the far North turned into a two-day car extravaganza to a hotel night in Santa’s city. Approximately a thousand kilometres and so much food later I strongly think this two-day getaway was the best thing ever. So here’s to you, whose excuse to not travel is lack of time.

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