Hiking Mount Olympus: photo diary and tips

This is a timed post since right now I should be on my way to Helsinki to meet up an old friend from my home town. She’s one of the most important people in my life but somehow we haven’t seen each other in months, despite living two hours and – if lucky – a two-euro bus ticket apart. Then again I suck at arranging meetings even with friends in the city that I live in. It’s easy to just get caught up always hanging out with the people you see on an almost-daily basis (uni friends) but I should really be more thoughtful to remember to reach out for other friends as well. more “Hiking Mount Olympus: photo diary and tips”

Driving in Greece

Greece is the first foreign country where I’ve sat behind the wheel and taken to the roads in a rented car. I could have possibly picked up an easier country to start from.


From exhilarating views from the top of snaky mountain roads to flatlands with mountains in the view, Greece has a stunning landscape to drive through. Number one perk of having a car versus taking the bus: you can stop whenever to take in all the majesty of the Greek countryside. Then again, driving in the country where every other driver is a loose cannon and a wild card, driving can get scary sometimes, especially if you’re from the punctual, bureocratical Finland where pedestrians will wait for the lights to change to cross the road even when there are no cars in sight. more “Driving in Greece”

Strays of Greece

Today’s the last day of my Greece trip and I’ve fallen in love with curvy mountain roads (that the Smartcar we rented can barely tackle), unexpected scenery and jovial old restaurant owners that bring out a free dessert after dinner. I have so much more to write about Greece and I will soon enough, but for now I will just do what I enjoy doing the most: post pictures of cats. And some nice doggies, as well. more “Strays of Greece”