Whelp, it’s over! Year round-up and what’s to come in 2018

2017 has been a terrible, amazing year. I guess someone could call it a bad year, seeing all the dark lows I went through, but the highs were so intense that I would strongly disagree.

The year started in a noisy house party on the suburbs of London. I knew no one, and I was cold and worried that the thick cigarette smoke might get stuck on my little black dress. I rang the year in among virtual strangers, feeling strange myself, feeling it would be a year for big changes. In the end I concluded I would be all right. I think that much was true.

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The Curse of Being Good

Ever since I was little, I was good at school. I couldn’t tell if it was more nature or nurture; both my parents are teachers so I used to joke that I had been lucky to inherit intelligent genes from them, but at the same time growing up in the house of teachers meant that education and studying were vastly encouraged. I knew how to read even before I started the first grade, and it only took off from there: during holidays, I could pick up a book in the morning and finish it in the evening. more “The Curse of Being Good”

The 5 stages of travel friendships

Meeting new people from all walks of life is probably one of the best experiences of travelling. You get a chance to hang out with musicians, teachers, astronauts and hopeless drunkards, and for a night or two pick their brain or just have good ol’ unadulterated fun with them and cheap spirits. Unfortunately, not all travel friendships are made to last – unlike back at home where you might stay friends with someone solely because you go to the same job or classes, it’s a lot harder to keep up with travel friends. And guess what? It’s not always so bad if you fall out of touch with them (or unfriend a few on Facebook – who is this Charles guy anyway?). In my opinion, there are five stages of travel friendships. Sometimes you move up the ladder quickly to get a new international BFF; sometimes you’re doomed to be stuck on the same level or even sink a few steps lower. more “The 5 stages of travel friendships”