41 Pics to Prove That Salar de Uyuni Is Ridiculously Photogenic

I travelled in Bolivia in July, and one of the highlights of the trips was, as expected, my 3-day Jeep safari to Salar de Uyuni and the national parks around it. Fun fact: You visit the actual salt flats on the first day and spend the next two driving across outlandish mountains scapes, Martian deserts and gravel roads surrounded by multi-coloured lagoons. Driving through that makes you feel like you’re in a constant car commercial!

Around Uruguay in 33 Photos

Uruguay (pronounced as u-ru-gw-ai to those snickering in the back row) surprised me with its small size and sense of security. Here I am getting used to looking over my shoulder and eyeing every car that slows down next to me with suspicion, but Montevideo seemed to lack that feeling. Even though it has the look of a much bigger metropolis, it’s home to only 1.5 million people – about half of the population of the whole country. It’s almost as if I could sense the quality of life improve as soon as I crossed the border.