What to do in Gdansk & around for 3 days

When I started planning what to do in Gdansk, I found out quickly that there really aren’t that many blog posts about the town. It’s understandable – the seaside town of Gdansk is far from the southern party capital of Krakow, and not that many backpackers venture to the Baltic coast for a good time. You totally should, by the way. It’s awesome.


So, I decided to put together a little guide of everything I did during the holiday. I know I don’t really do travel guides often. Mainly this is because I can’t remember the names of the places I’ve been or the food I’ve eaten, and because I am terrible at sightseeing. If you let me loose in a new city all by myself, I will come back six hours later very satisfied and when asked, tell you that “I saw pretty houses and had the most amazing muffin in that little shop with the green walls there”. “What about the Eiffel Tower?” you ask. “What’s that?”

I’m just kidding. I’ve climbed the Eiffel Tower.
But in truth, I enjoy roaming around cities aimlessly. Once in Frankfurt I thought this should change and set out to find a free gallery somewhere along the river. I didn’t even find the river – instead I spend the whole day chilling in parks. When I stayed in Melbourne for two months – two freaking months – I never visited the Eureka sky deck and only went out to one bar.
This is why you sometimes drag a friend with you. A friend that is not used to aimless roaming and wants to actually get stuff done. I visited Gdansk with my best friend Katri at the beginning of this month and thanks to her, managed to see most of the things that the city and the surroundings had to offer.
Having an itinerary was fun. Maybe I should try it more often.

Day 1: Find out what Gdansk is all about.

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