Did the World End Yet?

(Anyone wondering – the feature photo is from Patarei prison, Tallinn.)


I’ve been writing this post since Wednesday, and still, somehow, I don’t know exactly what to say. At first I wondered whether I should write anything at all. Politics is one of those subjects that always tends to get a rise out of someone. I’ve seen many travel bloggers reacting to the Trump Trauma both pre and post election, and a lot of them have been targeted with disappointed, even hateful messages stating that they are travel bloggers and should keep to posting pretty pictures and stay out of politics. more “Did the World End Yet?”

Brexit – what’s happening?

If you’re European or just follow the news, you’ve definitely heard of Britain’s upcoming referendum on whether to stay in the European Union. With only four days to go, I thought I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write something about it. Since it’s pretty likely that I – as a current EU citizen – could be living in the UK in the future with my British boyfriend, I feel like the outcome of the referendum could have a personal effect on me, let alone the whole Europe. more “Brexit – what’s happening?”

Pray for Paris – how do we go on?

I wondered if I should address to what happened in Paris in any way. I have not changed my profile picture into French colours. I have not posted the Tower peace symbol on Instagram. That kind of things are just not what I do. Still, I felt bad thinking I wouldn’t talk about it at all. I’ve gone over it with my family, friends, Ben. For a while now I have been trying to avoid the news because the increasing death count disheartens me. I met someone on my travels last summer who was on that football stadium. The bombs only went off outside of the stadium, but it was still scary to think that someone I know could’ve fallen victim to them. And I’m talking about someone who I knew for about two days and never even got to know well. I can’t even imagine how devastated are those whose loved ones were the victims of the attacks.
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