Is It Worth It?

There is a questions that keeps pestering me as I travel on.

Is it worth it? as I am blowing my paycheck on a flight deal and hoping I will have enough shifts at work before the trip to put together some spending money, too.

Is it worth it? as I am riding the blue bus to the Rio airport, eyelids heavy from crying all night, on my own this time.

Is it worth it? as I am standing alone in the corner of the bar and the blonde girl from Manchester I was talking to earlier is nowhere to be seen but she is here with three friends who don’t seem to like me and I am knee-deep in my third caipirinha and I can’t even remember her name anymore, anyway. more “Is It Worth It?”

Confessions of a Global Tinderella: Notes on Dating in Brazil

One could argue that after my most recent break-up I went a little bit off the rails. Not in a bad way, I don’t think; I didn’t isolate myself from all humanity to brood on a deserted island or go on an uncomfortably pointed social media rant rampage. Instead, I started window-shopping for guys. One night, in a burst of more-or-less justified anger over a boy who wouldn’t text me back, I downloaded the god-awful, notorious Tinder. more “Confessions of a Global Tinderella: Notes on Dating in Brazil”

Story: Vague endings

Holla at everyone who’s reading this today! I wrote another story for you to read&enjoy, and since today is Finnish Christmas – Merry Christmas! Or happy holidays, or jolly whatever you’re celebrating. more “Story: Vague endings”

The cozy affair

The day I first saw him was the day after Halloween. There were bottles on the kitchen table, black bodypaint smeared all over one of the only two working bathrooms, hungover Irish talking quietly over breakfast. When I snapped open my laptop to upload some photos from the night before, I didn’t expect to see a message from him. It had been weeks since I had let him know that I was near. But there it was. And he wanted to meet me. more “The cozy affair”