To the Man Who Grabbed My Hair

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful place during the Carnaval. Foreigners and locals alike come together in loud, colourful street parties, blocos, partying alongside the drummers and more talented dancers until the last of them have disappeared and it’s time to crowd the night clubs and dance the night away. Spontaneous small talk between strangers sprouts out of nowhere; two shirtless guys, both wearing a unicorn horn, high five and continue on their way; the crowd cheers and whistles at a boy and a girl passionately making out in the middle of the parade; the city puts its best foot forward for a weekend of carefree partying and fun in the sun.

But there is another side to it. more “To the Man Who Grabbed My Hair”

Did the World End Yet?

(Anyone wondering – the feature photo is from Patarei prison, Tallinn.)


I’ve been writing this post since Wednesday, and still, somehow, I don’t know exactly what to say. At first I wondered whether I should write anything at all. Politics is one of those subjects that always tends to get a rise out of someone. I’ve seen many travel bloggers reacting to the Trump Trauma both pre and post election, and a lot of them have been targeted with disappointed, even hateful messages stating that they are travel bloggers and should keep to posting pretty pictures and stay out of politics. more “Did the World End Yet?”

Why you probably shouldn’t ride an elephant

Are the people on my Facebook feed just really aware of the world or is elephants suffering in the tourist industry really huge news at the moment? I can’t say, but I’ve ran into several articles lately telling why you shouldn’t go for an elephant ride. Among the articles I read were the one about the Scot being gored to death and the one about the death of a captive elephant.
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