Iguazu Falls: The Ordeal

I was not expecting the grey skies. What happened to the picture-perfect views of every photo I ever saw of the place? Had I really come all this way just to bask in this bland greyness? Oh, how you deceived me, weather forecast!

Maybe it would get better. I, the eternal optimist, donned on a flimsy disposable rain coat and wrapped my beloved Olympus Pen mirrorless in a plastic bag. It wasn’t raining yet – and I was praying to all kinds of weather gods it wouldn’t start, either – but I had read that the humidity at the falls is so great that all electronics should be protected carefully. more “Iguazu Falls: The Ordeal”

Sunday Postcard from… Lagos, Portugal

For the first time in months I can remove my jacket.

The touch of the sun is gentle and loving, like that of a lover’s. It is just a show she puts up for me since in a few short weeks she will be back to her old self, biting my pale Finnish skin hard, smugly leaving her marks all over. But not today. Today is the first day that I feel sunshine in months, and she lets me have this one. more “Sunday Postcard from… Lagos, Portugal”

Sunday postcard from… London, the UK

Ah, holiday season. I found myself in yet another party where the only people I knew were nowhere to be found and the loudspeakers were blaring loudly enough that I had very little hope of hearing what any of the strangers might say. I sipped on my apple cider and checked Snapchat yet again. Some people were singing along; I didn’t know the song. more “Sunday postcard from… London, the UK”

Story: Vague endings

Holla at everyone who’s reading this today! I wrote another story for you to read&enjoy, and since today is Finnish Christmas – Merry Christmas! Or happy holidays, or jolly whatever you’re celebrating. more “Story: Vague endings”