10 Worst Travel Moments of 2017

What’s that? 2017 ended a week ago?

I don’t know about you, but I spent December freaking out over my thesis while continuously not doing anything to further it while stress-eating chocolate after a day of cleaning toilets and questioning my life… What? You didn’t do that? Well, this is awkward.

Travelling the world is often presented as a thing of glory and glamour. With instant media and popularity of the picture format, we often only see the end product of a long journey – a pretty photo, but nothing that happens on the backstage. I have never shied away from sharing all my mishaps and misadventures, so I thought it would be fun to follow suit (of various bloggers) and count down my worst travel moments of last year. Well, maybe fun is the wrong word for it. But what else are you supposed to do with your worst moments than laugh at them right on their ugly face?

So here it is, in no particular order: the bad, the badder and the baddest – my worst travel moments of 2017.

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Llamas and Lost Words – 5 Stories from South America

I have tons of pictures of llamas and alpacas. Like, TONS. (If you’ve been around my Instagram, you’ve surely noticed.) I feel kinda bad that I keep bombarding my poor social channels with all these pictures of fluffy, mean animals, so, in a desperate attempt to overcome my obsession for llamas, I decided to put my best pictures in one huge, llamatastic post. And of course it wouldn’t be me if they weren’t accompanied by little stories (mostly unrelated to llamas – it’s ok, you can chill now).

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Is It Worth It?

There is a questions that keeps pestering me as I travel on.

Is it worth it? as I am blowing my paycheck on a flight deal and hoping I will have enough shifts at work before the trip to put together some spending money, too.

Is it worth it? as I am riding the blue bus to the Rio airport, eyelids heavy from crying all night, on my own this time.

Is it worth it? as I am standing alone in the corner of the bar and the blonde girl from Manchester I was talking to earlier is nowhere to be seen but she is here with three friends who don’t seem to like me and I am knee-deep in my third caipirinha and I can’t even remember her name anymore, anyway. more “Is It Worth It?”

Confessions of a Global Tinderella: Notes on Dating in Brazil

One could argue that after my most recent break-up I went a little bit off the rails. Not in a bad way, I don’t think; I didn’t isolate myself from all humanity to brood on a deserted island or go on an uncomfortably pointed social media rant rampage. Instead, I started window-shopping for guys. One night, in a burst of more-or-less justified anger over a boy who wouldn’t text me back, I downloaded the god-awful, notorious Tinder. more “Confessions of a Global Tinderella: Notes on Dating in Brazil”

Chasing the Devil in Potosí, Bolivia

The Dutch girl I met in Sucre shuddered when she remembered her mine tourmi in Potosí. ‘It’s definitely interesting’, she said, ‘but it won’t be fun.’ Seeing that the mines are at the altitude of 4,400 metres and underground, I can easily understand what might inspire such a statement. But here I am – ready to descend into the depths of the Earth with minimal idea of what’s to come. more “Chasing the Devil in Potosí, Bolivia”