Happy to Be Unhappy

If we think of happiness as being so completely content with your life that you don’t feel the need to strive for anything new, I never want to be completely happy. That sense that there is still so much to see, to do, to achieve is the driving force that gets me out of the bed in the morning; that motivates me to work out a little more, be a little bit more daring, try a little bit harder; that enables me to dream big, silly, fantastic dreams. If there was nothing left to strive for, what would there be left, in fact?

Religion Is Not Your Fashion

Is Buddha pop culture now? He seems to be everywhere. T-shirts, tattoos, those little statues that you bought from a street vendor from your last stint in Thailand but now can’t quite place in the spaces of your very non-spiritual everyday life. Do these people even know anything about this character that they’ve made their casual god, or are they just fascinated by the gentle smile of a golden statue that they hope can bring balance and inner peace to their lives?

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