Is Brazil Dangerous to Travel?

When my Plan A to go on a student exchange to Chile failed, I immediately jumped on a poorly-planned, impulse Plan B; I felt I needed to go to South America anyway, so I picked the only remaining option and chose a city in the south of Brazil. I got accepted and started to learn Portuguese with probably more enthusiasm than skill. And almost without fail, everybody who heard – my mum being the loudest – asked me:

‘Why are you going there? Isn’t Brazil dangerous?’ more “Is Brazil Dangerous to Travel?”

Carnaval in Rio: 3 + 1 Best Ways to Celebrate

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word ‘Brazil’? The amazing nature, the Amazon, the beaches… and the Carnaval? It’s a spectacle that’s well known around the world, occupying a line of every traveller’s bucket list and dominating the plot of a multitude of non-Brazilian films about Brazil. Even The Simpsons did it! Even though the main event is over for the year, the Sambódromo tickets for 2018 are already up for grabs, and it’s never too early to start planning when it comes down to Carnaval in Rio. more “Carnaval in Rio: 3 + 1 Best Ways to Celebrate”

Eat your cake and have it too – how to not get sick from food abroad

The devil goes by many names: Delhi belly, Montezuma’s revenge, Pharaoh’s curse, Mummy tummy… Many of us have at least one awkward travel story revolving around uncontrollable bodily fluids, high fevers or stomachs in turmoil. And this is not only due to food poisoning – often just a new type of cuisine is enough to send our systems haywire. more “Eat your cake and have it too – how to not get sick from food abroad”