Eat your cake and have it too – how to not get sick from food abroad

The devil goes by many names: Delhi belly, Montezuma’s revenge, Pharaoh’s curse, Mummy tummy… Many of us have at least one awkward travel story revolving around uncontrollable bodily fluids, high fevers or stomachs in turmoil. And this is not only due to food poisoning – often just a new type of cuisine is enough to send our systems haywire. more “Eat your cake and have it too – how to not get sick from food abroad”

Beyond beers & beaches: the best South East Asian experiences

Disclaimer: I say South East Asia… but actually I’ve only been to Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam, so the list isn’t incredibly comprehensive. Enjoy, anyway.

South East Asia has long been one of the top destinations for backpackers around the world. The region has many qualities to explain its fame: the prices are cheap, the weather is good, and it’s exotic without being dangerous. While you could spend days just wandering around old colonial cities and partying the nights away, there are a few special experiences that can add something special to your trip. more “Beyond beers & beaches: the best South East Asian experiences”

Myanmar survival guide

Myanmar is the newest addition to the Southeast Asian backpacker trail. Previously the country and its military government have been heavily boycotted by foreign nations and the government itself has restricted access to the country, but over the past few years embargos have been lifted and Myanmar has started to welcome more and more tourists in. Now is the best time to go; the crowds are keenly finding their way in, and after the tidal wave of tourism really sweeps over the country, it will never be the same. more “Myanmar survival guide”