Truths&myths about hostels

Hostels seem to have a bit of a bad rep around people who have never stayed in them. Over the last three and half years I’ve stayed in tens of hostels in, umm, maybe ten countries and when I travel, looking up a hostel is the first thing in my mind. Sometimes I do book into a cheap hotel – especially when I’m travelling with my boyfriend – or look into couchsurfing, but with the way I travel, hostels are my number one option. I live in this little backpacker bubble that I barely notice myself until someone bursts it with a genuine question: What is a hostel? Just a few days ago I explained to a friend what Hostelworld was. more “Truths&myths about hostels”

Truths&myths about Finland

Guys! Guess what! My tough little home country celebrates its independence day today, so in celebration for Finland’s 98th birthday I wanted to write a bit about what makes it such a cool country. I did a similar truths&myths post about India a few months ago and it was fun, so I figured Finland surely deserves its own.

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Truths and myths about India

As usual, they ask me excitedly, how it was and did I have a good time, and I try and describe my trip without bursting into a non-stop ramble about every single thing I saw and experience and avoid clichés like “eye-opening” or “life-changing”. And as usual, they smile and say they wish they could go travelling too and that it sounded like an amazing experience. One thing is different, though, because now there are more questions than there has ever been before, and also the slightly puzzled looks. Why did you want to go to India? Was it a dangerous place? I would never travel there myself. I don’t wonder much, nor do I blame them – at the time I booked my flights last January I knew nothing about India either. When I told my mum where I was headed, she acted like I had just told her I was being shot out of a cannon into a war zone.