7 Totally Rad Adventures in Bolivia

Ah, Bolivia. One of the cheapest countries in South America, just well-known enough for cocaine and ill-known for its other qualities that it makes your friends question your travel choices but conveniently located en route from Peru to Chile so every backpacker in South America has at least dabbled into the country, even if it’s just a few nights of crazy partying in La Paz and some perspective photos from Salar de Uyuni. more “7 Totally Rad Adventures in Bolivia”

I got robbed.

If you follow me on social media, you might’ve noticed a few weeks ago that I mentioned I got robbed. It happened in a place I never expected it to happen, in a moment that came out of nowhere, and although I’m okay and didn’t lose anything of real value, it inconvenienced my life for some time. more “I got robbed.”

Did the World end yet?

(Anyone wondering – the feature photo is from Patarei prison, Tallinn.)


I’ve been writing this post since Wednesday, and still, somehow, I don’t know exactly what to say. At first I wondered whether I should write anything at all. Politics is one of those subjects that always tends to get a rise out of someone. I’ve seen many travel bloggers reacting to the Trump Trauma both pre and post election, and a lot of them have been targeted with disappointed, even hateful messages stating that they are travel bloggers and should keep to posting pretty pictures and stay out of politics. more “Did the World end yet?”

The curse of being good

Ever since I was little, I was good at school. I couldn’t tell if it was more nature or nurture; both my parents are teachers so I used to joke that I had been lucky to inherit intelligent genes from them, but at the same time growing up in the house of teachers meant that education and studying were vastly encouraged. I knew how to read even before I started the first grade, and it only took off from there: during holidays, I could pick up a book in the morning and finish it in the evening. more “The curse of being good”