Travel-themed Instagram accounts that you should follow right meow

At the moment I am basking in the lights of Barcelona and hopefully getting the next cheap churro from the hostel bar. (I am actually writing this two weeks prior so I don’t really know if the hostel bar sells churros, but they damn well better.)

I wanted to leave something nice behind, though, so that even if I go on a holiday, my blog wouldn’t have to. Just so you know, I am a major sucker for Instagram. I mostly follow travel-themed accounts, brilliant tattoo artists and fashion (plus all of my friends, because I am just sweet enough to like your goddamn Happy Meal pictures. JK, I love you all), which means my feed is overwhelmed with inspiration that makes me want to throw all my money on everything but the things I actually need. (To be honest, toothpaste is overrated anyway.) I want y’all to feel the same way. So here’s a delightful filler post containing a couple of pictures from my favourite Instagram accounts. If you don’t follow them yet, you probably should.


Kuva, jonka @roadtripcouple julkaisi 23. 07ta 2015 klo 14.41 PDT

This couple posts inspiring photos from their travels, so their feed is full of colourful shots of endless roads and landscapes. I absolutely love them.

// @traveling_newlyweds

// Alli and Bobby are not exactly newlyweds anymore but they haven’t stopped travelling yet. This gorgeous couple shows the luxury side of travel that I and most other backpackers can only dream sweet dreams of. Sigh.


// This part-time doctor lives in Scotland with her husband and fills her feed with ridiculously brilliant pictures of their hikes around the world (although a big part of them come from Scotland).


// A Polish-Australian couple (why do I follow this many couples?) that, well, travels the world. Their pictures make me want to punch them for giving me such a serious case of itchy feet. Oh, and they have a blog, too.


// This woman seems to be on the move all the time. She posts pictures of national parks in the USA so her feed is strongly outdoorsy. I adore it.


// I like this account particularly because he takes a lot of portraits of local people. Of course the shots of landscapes are stunning as well.


// A girl living in Brussels that mostly shoots monuments, houses and European cities. Definitely check her out if you’re planning a city holiday!

Do you have an absolute favourite account on Instagram?

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