What’s up? Travel plans update

Right now I feel like I’m in a disaster movie, standing on a beach somewhere and looking at a humongous wave crashing towards me. I’m about to get drowned in work. I took September easy, like I always do – wasting too much money because it takes me a while to settle back to my normal spending habits after a long trip to a cheap place and brushing off school work to that famous land of tomorrow. Well, tomorrow’s here. The pages of my calendar are littered with marks of deadlines, meetings and shifts at work as well as social responsibilities. Poor me wouldn’t have guessed a few years ago that one day going to a party would feel like an obligation.

So, this week I thought to write a small travel update post just so you’ll know what’s coming up. (Well, it will be small in case I can control myself… but I tend to ramble. Someone get me an editor!) I’ve literally got 71 post ideas in my drafts folder, though, so good things are on their way.

First of all: I turned 23 this past Monday. Yay me! Last year as a birthday present for myself I got my first tattoo here in Tampere, and this year I’m making it a tradition. I’ve booked up an appointment with one of my favourite artists and I’m getting tatted up later this month in London.

So naturally my next trip will be another one to the UK. I’m not spending all of my time in London this time, though, but heading out to the beautiful southwest that I’ve never seen before. Ben, who very cleverly passed his driving test on the first go this summer, has promised to drive the whole way since I had to do all the driving in Greece. (Also, left-hand side traffic.) We’re spending some time hiking in Dorset by the Jurassic Coast before heading to Exmoor where I get to get back on a pony – for the first time in years! -, then move on to Cheddar and Bath before returning to London through Stonehenge. It will be a week of sleeping in a tent and cooking on a trangia in autumnal England – I might not have any toes left by the time I get back to Finland, but I guess it’s worth seeing three (!) World Heritage Sites.

I’m not sure yet what to write about from that trip, but I’m sure I’ll have some ideas when I get back. Is there anything you’d particularly like to hear?

I’ll fly back to England in late December for Christmas. Ben and I have been planning on a small holiday for around that time, but surprise surprise, flights cost an arm and both legs at that time of the year. We’re still debating Edinburgh as well as thinking about spending another New Year’s in London. All that remains to be seen.

Then, after New Year’s, it’s time for me to hop on a plane and fly off to an unknown continent – Brazil, where sloths and jaguars roam around the streets of old historical city centres in harmony with samba-dancing muggers and pickpockets. (I assume.) I still need to actually apply to the university I’m doing my exchange in, but since my own university has already accepted my application, this should be more like a formality. Just a few days ago I finally got the instructions on how to apply, so it’s all getting in gear… And just so you know, I’ve changed my mind about hating on Duolingo since it’s the only reason I understand (minimal) spoken Portuguese at the moment.

Oh, and hey – I’m on Snapchat now! To follow late-night snaps of wan computer screens and bad selfies, add elinandro.


So, that’s it for now. Big and exciting things coming up as well as busy times! Where are you travelling to next?

2 thoughts on “What’s up? Travel plans update

  1. britannianvisiitistä toiveena on juttua poneista ja stonehengestä (eikös se ole se kivipaikka?) ja kuvia tietenkin 🙂
    ajattelin että lähiaikoina haluaisin itsekin lähteä pienimuotoisesti matkustelemaan ja mietiskelin matkakohteeksi tamperetta tai jyväskylää 🙂

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