Who am I?

Hi guys! So you’ve happened to stumble upon my blog and now you want to get to know me? Dope!

Firstly, my name is Elina, and I like wearing t-shirts that say stuff like ‘Cool’ or ‘Star Wars’.

Originally from Finland, nowadays you’ll find me wherever looking for a place to call home. I pet every animal that doesn’t run away from me, wear lipstick even alone at home and have never got a food poisoning (*touches wood* *crosses fingers* *makes a sacrifice to the ancient gods just in case*).

Storytelling has been my foremost passion even before I could put pen on paper (seriously – thanks, mum, for captioning my earliest stories that were just sequences of Pokemon stickers and rather surrealist drawings). In travel, I seek out any experiences that are out of the ordinary: hanggliding in Rio, hitchhiking through the Balkans and successfully doing the first escape room in Albania. Travel is an emotional, life-changing experience. I bring that emotion into my writing and incorporate local knowledge into my own experiences.

My other interests include intensive Netflixing anything scary and/or funny, disappearing for three weeks for a solo hike, eating cake and photography – although based on the condition of my beat-up Olympus you’d probably wager that I hate the poor camera.

After high school in 2012, I packed up my trusty backpack Rosie and took flight to Australia, and didn’t come back for nine months. (Not because I was having a baby abroad, as a few people have suggested.) People told me they thought I was brave for doing it all alone, but I didn’t feel brave; I was just having fun.

Since then I have gotten my Master’s Degree in translation and continued exploring the world mostly solo, a little lost, sometimes hangry, all the time yearning to see and experience new places and people. So far I have lived in six countries, travelled four continents (and Toronto) and lost my passport three times.

Travelling these days is easy if you have the money and the time – but that’s not enough for me. I aim to explore more locally and adventurously. That’s why you’ll find me next to a highway ramp with my thumb up, on some obscure new hiking path, or settling in a cool city for a few months at a time. What’s the rush?

Currently living in Granada, Spain, I’m like a lame superhero – hostel night concierge by night, a freelance translator/writer by day. (My superhero outfit is a lanyard and a stressed-out look.) Living month by month, I have no idea where I’m going next. Wherever that is, I hope there’ll be cake.

Still got questions? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email! You can also find me on Instagram @wayfarover where I’m probably over at the stories trying to find the best possible filter and a font for a picture of a cat.