Who am I?

Hello guys! So you’ve happened to stumble upon my blog and now you want to get to know me? Neat!

Chilling at Taj Mahal, Agra, India

If you see a redhead backpacker with a beat-up Olympus around her neck, holding the map upside down, that’s probably me. I pet every animal I see, wear lipstick even alone at home and have never gotten sick from street food (*touches wood* *crosses fingers* *makes a sacrifice to the ancient gods just in case*).


I’ve been on and off the road since 2012 when at 18, I packed up my trusty backpack Rosie and took flight to Australia, and didn’t come back for nine months. (Not because I was having a baby abroad, as one of my friends suggested, but just because it went well with my other life plans.) People told me they thought I was brave for doing it all alone, but I didn’t feel brave; I was just having fun.

Montserrat near Barcelona, Spain

I have always taken every opportunity to go abroad and stay there for as long as I can. I prefer to travel slowly, living in one place for a longer time and getting to know the local language and culture. I travel solo, fearlessly and unapologetically, and make all the mistakes I should already know not to make. Currently I am based in my native Finland to finish my Master’s Degree on multicultural communications, after which… who knows?

Still got questions? Comment on the blog or send me and e-mail – and hey, if you happen to be occupying the same spot of the planet right now, let’s meet for a coffee and go on an adventure!