Welcome to wayfarover!

Yo! I’m Elina. Nice to meet you.ea6f9d96-810f-4855-8a6b-37b60d58fbe9

To my mum’s utmost horror, I’ve been on and off the road since 2012 and can’t seem to stop. Currently I’m exploring South America before returning to my last year of uni. I’m Finnish and always searching for the perfect lipstick as well as a place to call home.

Whether you’re an avid globetrotter or prefer the comfort of your couch, I hope this blog can encourage you to learn about the language, culture and history of foreign regions and to travel more ethically and thoughtfully.

I’m not here only to share my best travel tips but my thoughts and stories as well. Buckle up, kids, we’re going on an adventure.

Currently in: Cusco, Peru. Are you here too? Let’s grab a beer!

Future travel plans:

July 9 –>  Bolivia and Peru

August 29. Toronto, Canada

August 30. London, the UK

Latest stops: Brazil