Welcome to wayfarover!

bd982653-207e-4117-aeed-26c63877ff79Yo! I’m Elina. Nice to meet you.

If you see a redhead backpacker with dark red lipstick on and a book on one arm holding the map upside down, that’s probably me. I’m all in for travel deeper, not further. It’s better to travel at an easy pace while learning about the language, culture and history of the country, which helps you gain a better perspective of this wonderful world and also encourages you to travel more ethically and thoughtfully.

I’m not only here to share my best travel tips, though, but my thoughts and stories as well. Buckle up, kids, we’re going on an adventure.

Currently: Roadtripping in the UK without much wifi. Route Dorset – Exmoor – Cheddar – Bath – Stonehenge.

Future travel plans:

19.10. Roadtripping the UK

Dec. Christmas in London, UK

Dec. New year’s in a surprise destination!

Jan ’17. 8-month trip/exchange year in Brazil