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I started wayfarover to fill the void in my life that some people call free time. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2011 with only a short break between blogs, and now I’m back with this one! For me this blog is a platform for my stories and thoughts about the world that I otherwise could only bombard on my poor group of friends. For you I hope it provides some kind of entertainment and advice. (I’m making your mistakes so you don’t have to.)

I’m in the middle of an identity crisis because at the same time than I wouldn’t call myself a rookie traveller, I’m scared to brand myself as an experienced one. How many countries should you visit before you can wipe that “newbie” stamp off your forehead?  How many months should you spent abroad, how many new languages should you learn by immersion? I don’t think numbers matter – that’s why I keep the magical “countries visited” mark off all my profiles. (If you really want to know, though… I’m still not gonna say it. You gotta take me pet kittens first.) It’s about quality, not quantity.

I make mistakes but it’s OK, because I write about them for you to chuckle at and maybe you will learn from them as I do. Everything I write is from the subjective viewpoint of me and most of my stories start with ‘you know I once met a guy who said that…’  I tell the stories of encounters with people who changed my life, or at least tucked on my heart strings for a fleeting moment; the stories of moments when I was scared and angry and lonely; the stories of experiences that have not been photographed but have been neatly folded and tucked into that special part of my brain where patronums can be summoned from.

I have been lucky enough to travel both solo and with a partner, so I will write about that. I will write short filler-stories when I don’t have time for writing, and when I don’t feel like it at all, I will just post pictures. Right now I feel like I know where the blog is going, but if it needs some time to shape up, have patience (everyone goes through difficult periods growing up – just look at Britain) because I’m not going anywhere. Which is either good or bad news, I guess. Since my move to WordPress, my no ads policy has had to change since I’m not part of the premium plan that allows you to turn the ads off. However, you should know that I can’t affect what ads are shown and I am in no way affiliated to the products they mark. The blog content itself still continues to be ad-free. If I happen to mention a product or a company, it is because I like them, not because I’ve partnered up with them.

I hope you enjoy reading through my ramblings, and if you have something to say, please leave a comment! I love comments. Comments are the internet equivalent of gold stars in your homework.

Bald Rock National Park, Australia

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I also write three different series: postcards, what to wear, and truths&myths. This spring, as I’m learning a new language myself, I will be blogging a bit about language learning.