7 Totally Rad Adventures in Bolivia

Bolivia is also the dream destination of any adventure traveller that craves for that special kind of rush. Just being in the country is exciting; in cities, traffic rules have been replaced with the law of the jungle, and the highways between cities are so ill-kept and narrow that you have to keep your eyes closed and pray you’re not going to fall off the cliff. Combine this with a foreign language (knowing some Spanish is a must) and the rumour that everyone gets sick in Bolivia, one way or another, and you’ve got yourself ingredients for a proper adventure.

41 Pics to Prove That Salar de Uyuni Is Ridiculously Photogenic

I travelled in Bolivia in July, and one of the highlights of the trips was, as expected, my 3-day Jeep safari to Salar de Uyuni and the national parks around it. Fun fact: You visit the actual salt flats on the first day and spend the next two driving across outlandish mountains scapes, Martian deserts and gravel roads surrounded by multi-coloured lagoons. Driving through that makes you feel like you’re in a constant car commercial!