Confessions of a Global Tinderella: Notes on Dating in Brazil

He told me he had been married. Eight years with the same girl, three years under a legal licence. He wasn’t the first Brazilian my age who I’d met who’d already dipped their toes in the marital waters. This commonness of serious commitment is a strange contrast to the more prevalent Brazilian stereotype of casual dating and meaningless sex.

Chasing the Devil in Potosí, Bolivia

The Dutch girl I met in Sucre shuddered when she remembered the mining tour she’d taken back in Potosí. ‘It’s definitely interesting’, she said, ‘but it won’t be fun.’ Seeing that the mines are at the altitude of 4,400 metres and underground, I can easily understand what might inspire such a statement. But here I am – ready to descend into the depths of the Earth with minimal idea of what’s to come.