Copenhagen is nice if you have loads of money

In three weeks I’ll be back in another country. Feels strange to get all hyped up about that considering I’ve only been back home for two days from my intense festival adventure, and I kinda already booked the one after that. Spain in October it is then.

Meanwhile, I thought it might be a good time to back down a little bit, all the way until last Easter, which I spent in Copenhagen, Denmark. On that trip I learnt a valuable lesson of high expectations. I had never heard anyone dislike Copenhagen, so I left with stark anticipation; now I’m doubtful to plan going back.


I would never say I hated Copenhagen because that would be far from the truth. I just feel like me and Copenhagen didn’t quite get along, you know, like if you met somebody at a party and shook their hands but forgot their name instantly, and then as you kept having a surprisingly good chat, actually, you would not be able to concentrate because you would desperately be rigging your memory for that person’s name and wondering, if it’d be rude to ask again. I felt like I was always looking for something there. I was busy to cut to the next corner to see what was behind it, and never quite satisfied, rush to the next one, and so on. I can’t fully explain it, other than that I wasn’t as impressed as I had expected to be.

It could be the weather. Obviously I knew Copenhagen is on the shore of a sea, a little sea for that but a sea nevertheless, so wind and cold was to be expected. It never got really bad because I had been prepared for a rather chilly experience, but the rain on the first day of the visit just knocked all spirits down and out. Cold rain just does that to me – warm rain, don’t mind that much. And here’s the most princess statement you’ll hear me make all post – because of the weather, I had to wear the same clothes over and over again in order to maintain reasonable levels of warmth. It’s not only that all the pictures look the same (although it also is that) but because I like wearing different clothes. They form a part of who I am and what I feel comfortable doing. I’m a girl, OK? Moving on.

Of course a big part was the prices. Coming from Finland, which, not unsurprisingly, rises up to be the fifth most expensive country in Europe, I knew to expect sky-high expenses. And you know what sucks? Travelling without decent money. That’s the cold harsh truth of travel. It is cheap to get from Finland to Denmark, but once there, it’s not all that nice not to be able to really do anything. Your boyfriend’s getting a beer and asks if you want one? Sure, although you feel guilty not being able to get the next round even though you know he doesn’t mind. Getting hungry while on a walk in the city? Uhm, those five-euro pastries look tempting, but I’ll just keep thinking about the one banana I have back at the hostel. Climbing the Round Tower to see the view? Uhhhh. Let me count my pennies first.

Besides, as you switch between euros and crowns, it is easy to get mixed up (although this time I didn’t accidentally end up spending fifty euros on a decorative owl). When I return, I will make sure I will have my backpockets stuffed&crusted with money, so I can enjoy the city without uncle scrooging it all up.

Third reason why I maybe did not enjoy Copenhagen as much as I might have was the vague feeling like I’d seen it all before. I know locals hate comparing their city to Amsterdam more than Finns hate being seen as Swedes, but as I was walking in Nyhavn, I couldn’t help but pass a fleeting thought that it looked a lot like Amsterdam. As I walked the streets with colourful buildings rising on each side, I was thinking about the Baltic capitals that had the same look, only more run-down – and I like run-down. The masses of tourists, they look the same no matter which capital you visit, and the gardens and the churches were a slideshow of gardens and palaces I have seen in other places.


Hell’s gates are guarded by Cerberos. Copenhagen Street Food Market is guarded by seagulls.
Tracing the universe in the Round Tower

I do not mean to diminish the unique features of the city by any of this. I loved seeing the Little Mermaid, which I’ve wanted to see since I was a snot-nosed brat with pigtails (OK, I never wore pigtails and to be honest I don’t think any kid should), and I loved the food markets and ethnic restaurants of Nørrebro. Then there’s Christiania, which in all it’s quirkiness was right up my type of thing if you exclude the weed. It would’ve been nice to visit Tivoli, and it would’ve been nice to go out dancing, but some sort of an exhaustion had taken a grip of me, and even when I tried making friends with other travellers, I felt like I would’ve rather been sleeping, which should never be included in the travelling set of mind. It’s not you, it’s me, Copenhagen! I just feel like I need to see other cities at the moment. We could still be friends?

Have you been to Copenhagen? What did you think?

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