New year, new… travel plans?

Happy new year!

This is my favourite time of the year. I know it isn’t different from any other day, but I like the excitement that surrounds the event. New Years is the human reset button. It allows you to leave behind all the hurts and troubles of the past year and look forward to the upcoming one. Sure, you can do that any old day in the middle of the week, but with a new year it feels like the previous year was a page and I’ve turned it now. I’ve already read the story on the previous page and I have a brand new one to read. I know it sounds cliched and it probably is, but for me new year represents all those wonderful things that are just about to happen.
And what a year it will be. I’m on a holiday for another week or so but after that I’m back to uni with Master’s level courses and hopes to find some translation work and, you know, actually do stuff that my degree tells me to do.
As you probably noticed already, I’ve made small changes on the blog, too. The most prominent being a new banner – how do you like it? The most important one, however, is my new address. I’m still hosted on Blogger, but I got my own domain name to make wayfarover to look a bit more, well, professional. I am still not pursuing a living in blogging. I am still going to keep ads and sponsored content out of the blog. But I like the clean look of my new address and I hope that by getting a bit more of a professional look to the blog, more people interested in travel scribblings could find their way here. I have also cleaned up the sidebar a little bit and updated the About sections on the toolbar. Mostly the look of the blog has remained the same. To me the clear white background looks clean and gives space to the actual content – pictures and text. What do you think, do you like the white background?
Speaking of blog content… Lots of exciting news, guys! First of all, I’m going back to Poland at the end of January with my favourite travel pal ever. Gdansk, here we come! My dad keeps laughing at me. He thinks I’m crazy for going to the coast of Poland in February… But hey, when return flights cost 18 euros, what can you do?
What’s even better is that I got around to booking my summer holiday adventure – I’m going to South East Asia for two months! I would add more exclamation marks if that was appropriate. I’m flying to Bangkok in early July and spend two weeks in the area, waiting for Ben’s holiday to start. After that we’ll catch flights to Myanmar, spend some time there, then go through Cambodia and Vietnam. I’m especially excited about Vietnam since I wrote my Bachelor’s paper on a travel guide about Vietnam, so I’ve already been doing some research. Most of all, I can’t wait for the food. The plans are not completely clear yet, but I am happy to have booked the flights. Loads to look forward to.
Hope you have all had a good start to the year – may the travels be with you! I’ll be just here drooling over Google images of Thai food.
One of the best moments of 2015… you know where

How’s your 2016 looking like?

4 thoughts on “New year, new… travel plans?

  1. myanmaristakorttiminullekiitos 🙂 muistakin saa lähettää mutta niistä on jo olemassa. hienoa jos tänne tulee sinun retkisuunnitelmista tietoa niin tiedän pyytää postikortit 🙂
    uusi blogi on hyvännäköinen. minkälainen kuva tuossa ennen oli? huomasin vaan että se on uusi. minusta taustaksi sopisi hyvin hento vaaleansininen, kun tuo lentokone tuossa kuvassa on sininen ja sopisi nätisti ruskean kanssa.
    tuo kuva on mahtava.

  2. Joo onhan tuo selitys ollut tuossa mut sitä ei ehkä ihan helposti huomaa 🙂 pitääpä kokeilla sopisiko taustalle jokin huomaamaton väri, tää on tällasenaan aika simppeli!

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