Sunday postcard from… Lapland, Finland

Hi, friend!

You were asking me to send you a postcard of the Northern lights when I got back to Finland – did you think I forgot? Well, I guess this isn’t exactly what you asked for. The whole time I was in Lapland, it was too cloudy to actually spot any aurora. (There were some amazing lights just a day before we got there. Boo.) I got you this card from one of the souvenir shops anyway, it’s kind of cool. And then this one – hope you still like it!

My best friend is crazy about Lapland. This was her tenth trip with her boyfriend, and alone or with other friends she’s taken even more tours up North. It was lovely, seeing this side of her world, the quiet nature of the Lappish fells and biting Finnish winter that she was so in love with.

(Of course I felt a little bad for her. She’s the real outdoor expert out of the three of us, an old girl scout and all – her boyfriend and I were very underprepared for winter hiking. I wore slightly heeled boots because they were my only shoes that fit a woolen sock.)

I can see her fascination with it. Finnish Lapland is a magical place. You won’t see any of the majestic rugged Scandinavian mountains there; there the fells are short and stocky, protruding from the landscape like bubbles, and the snow-frosted pine trees look like sugared lollies.

The sun rises late and never seems to stop rising, the sky staying pink and yellow until the early sunset in the afternoon. This is from a hike we did on our second day. The wind was biting, aggressive, but when we put our backs towards the hilltops, its force was muffled in our scarves and hoods, and we could watch the sphere of the sun rise from behind the snowy slopes.

The wind picked up the light layer of powdered snow and it poured down the fellside like a waterfall. Swirling, light-weight, it looked like magical mist.

I’ve spent four days with the tip of my nose frozen, snow in my boots, hair dirty under a beanie. If you’d describe it to me like that, I’d probably say it sounded miserable. But I find certain romanticism about it all, the short days and sharp weather, the blinding white snow, and especially the moment of getting back to our wooden cottage, shedding all the thick, sweaty layers and sitting in front of a fire in an oversized sweater eating home-cooked pizza.

I’ve never been this far up in Lapland before and you know what, I get the hype. I also feel more connected to my Finnishness, and yeah, I’ll say that, even if it sounds kinda melodramatically spiritual.

Anyway, hope you’re doing great. Have you been anywhere exciting recently? Hope to see you soon!



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