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Hi guys! At this moment in time I am lost somewhere in the big big world listening to some great music and hopefully not getting drenched. This week is going to be massively busy, so here’s a filler post: songs with city names in the titles. Most of these songs don’t have anything to do with the city – to be honest, I liked some of these songs better than the cities themselves! Some of these cities I am yet to visit, some I have visited time and again and will, hopefully, be coming back to. Some of these songs I have listened whilst in the city in question, just for the heck of it.

So, without any further ado (because I need to figure out how vacuum cleaners that don’t work, work) and in no particular order.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Coldplay – Amsterdam
OK, OK, I know I said ‘in no particular order’, but how could I not put my favourite one on top of the list? Apparently this song was written in Amsterdam, hence the name.

Ryan Adams – New York, New York
Betcha thought I was going to put Sinatra or that Alicia Keyes song for New York! Nope.

City lights in Perth, Australia

Bon Iver – Perth
I actually listened to this song while I was driving to Perth. It just felt suiting, you know. In case you got excited, Iver’s also got a song called Michicant in case you, you know, are going to Michigan and feel like you should be disowned by your whole family. He’s also got a song called Calgary. Actually, his second album is barely nothing but place names. Is that where he hid the bodies?

Teleks – Helsingin edustalla
This one’s in Finnish. If you understand the language, you should probably listen to it. If you don’t understand the language, you might as well still do.

This bird is still in London, UK

The Waifs – London Still
This is the perfect homesickness song. The singer is an Australian who is, still, in London.

I could probably make an even more extensive list about my favourite travel songs altogether, but that will have to be a whole other story. Have you got anything you feel should be added to this list?

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