Who am I?

Hello guys! So you’ve happened to stumble upon my blog and now you want to get to know me? Neat!

Chilling at Taj Mahal, Agra, India

What you’d probably ask first: I’m Finnish, 23, and although I’m not sure how many countries I’ve travelled to, I probably have around ten favourite countries.

I sort of speak six languages; I study translation, which means I am a grammar fangirl and linguistics enthusiast; my favourite films range from Sharknado to Inception to The Lion King; I wrote a book (unpublished) when I was 15 and it was really, really bad; I have never got sick from street food; kittens are better than people; my lipstick goes wherever I go; and in my mind I am always travelling.


My parents took me abroad first when I was nine? I guess, so even though they always give me The Look when I tell about yet another trip I’ve booked, they, really, are the only ones to blame. At 18, I packed up my trusty backpack Rosie and took flight to Australia, and didn’t come back for nine months. (Not because I was having a baby abroad, as one of my friends suggested, but just because it went well with my other life plans.) People told me they thought I was brave for doing it all alone, but I didn’t feel brave; I was just having fun.

Montserrat near Barcelona, Spain

Since I came back from that trip I’ve started university and tried conquering as much of the world as I reasonably can with a student’s budget and student’s holidays. I’ve finished my Bachelor’s degree in English translation and am currently working towards a Master’s in multilingual communication. I aim to graduate in 2018, after which it is go go go time. Where? Wherever, I suppose. I travel solo, fearlessly and unapologetically, and make all the mistakes I should already know not to make.

Still got questions? Comment on the blog or send me and e-mail – and hey, if you happen to be occupying the same spot of the planet right now, let’s meet for a coffee and go on an adventure!