About me

Hi guys! My name is Elina and I’m the sole genius (?) behind wayfarover.

Originally from Finland, nowadays you’ll find me wherever looking for a place to call home. I pet every animal that doesn’t run away from me, wear lipstick even alone at home and have never got a food poisoning (*touches wood* *crosses fingers* *makes a sacrifice to the ancient gods just in case*).

Storytelling has been my foremost passion even before I could put pen on paper (seriously – thanks, mum, for captioning my earliest stories that were just sequences of Pokemon stickers and rather surrealist drawings). In travel, I seek out any experiences that are out of the ordinary: hang gliding in Rio, hitchhiking through the Balkans, counting shooting stars in Iranian deserts, leading movie quizzes in Jerusalem and successfully doing the first escape room in Albania. Travel is an emotional, life-changing experience. I bring that emotion into my writing and incorporate local knowledge into my own experiences.

My other interests include intensive Netflixing anything scary and/or funny, disappearing for three weeks for a solo hike, eating cake and photography – although based on the condition of my beat-up Olympus you’d probably wager that I hate the poor camera.

After finishing high school in 2012, I packed up my trusty backpack Rosie and took flight to Australia, and didn’t come back for nine months. (Not because I was having a baby abroad, as a few people have suggested.) People told me they thought I was brave for doing it all alone, but I didn’t feel brave; I was just having fun.

Since then I have gotten my Master’s Degree in translation and continued exploring the world mostly solo, a little lost, sometimes hangry, all the time yearning to see and experience new places and people. So far I have travelled on five continents, stayed in over 100 hostels and lost my passport three times.

Travelling these days is easy if you have the money and the time – but that’s not enough for me. I aim to explore more locally and adventurously. That’s why you’ll find me next to a highway ramp with my thumb up, on a rickety bus to some disputed territory, or settling in a cool city for a few months at a time. What’s the rush?

I’m currently working remotely as a translator and a (mostly unpaid) writer. After being serendipitously (and voluntarily) stranded in Bali for the pandemic, I’ve decided to stay here until it gets boring. After that, I have no idea where I’m going next. Wherever that is, I hope there’ll be cake.

Still got questions? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email! You can also find me on Instagram @wayfarover where I’m probably over at the stories trying to find the best possible filter and a font for a picture of a cat.